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Gentle Back Pain Stretches for seniors

Back pain can be due to arthritis, moving around excess weight, faulty posture, and even physiological anxiety or depression. According to a study most of the issues related to the back pain are might be due to infection, breakage, or any other reason. It can also be due to internal difficulties such as kidney problems or blood clots. If you are suffering from this problem you should meet with the specialist or physical therapist before trying any exercise especially if you are currently having severe back pain.

Neck and Chest stretch -- Start with seated, toes flat on the floor, sitting up accurate. Take your hands to rest at the center of your skull, fingers intertwined, thumbs moving to your ears and down your neck. Relax your head back into your hands, moving your face by moving the roof.

Breathe intensely. As you breathe, you should relax your left elbow by pointing it toward the ground, your right elbow toward the ceiling.

This will improve your neck in a sustained way. keep in mind This should be an effortless move, so if it's an inadequate flow and your elbows should move an inch or 2, You should feel like a great extent that should not be uncomfortable and painful. You should take 2 deep breaths by relaxing yourself back to neutral, spine upright. Repeat the same process for the left side, and repeat this process 3 times on each side, alternating sides as you go.

Seated cat-cow You have to place your hands on your kneecaps, thumbs tending in toward each other, the bottom of your hands on the surface of your legs. Breathe in and out by pressing into your palms and stretch your back using your backbone. As you inhale again, you have to pull your belly button towards the spine by dropping your chin toward the chest. During exhale, reverse the motion and Repeat this slowly, on your breath, 3 to 5 times.